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Yesterday, I was reading that one post on fanficrants with the implied comparisons between paedophiles (which for some reason I want to write as paedophiliacs), incest writers and Jews.

In the comments there was a discussion between a paedophile and another user. The paedophile was not a child molester - he knew it was wrong, he knew the fantasy (the child enjoying it and reciprocating) would never match the reality (the child being badly traumatised), he said he would never harm a child and feels sick when he hears about other people doing it.

The other user was of the opinion that if you have a sexual attraction to children, you will act on it someday. No matter how good your self-control, no matter how much you don't want to. You simply will, and that's that, unless you get therapy to "fix" you.

The paedophile was understandably rather offended and upset that he was being told all his restraint and morals and things were apparently all for nothing.

I'm just wondering - is there something inherently so incredibly sexy about children that this person thinks they're impossible to resist? or is it something in human nature that says it's impossible to resist anything you have a sexual desire for? If the latter, where does that leave all the other groups of people who abstain from sexual relationships with objects of their desire?

Some of the groups I can think of - priests, nuns, some Buddhists etc, homosexuals who believe it's a sin and/or lie to themselves and pretend they're straight, some HIV-positive people who don't want to risk infecting others, men in China who can't find wives (though you can argue they don't count - they can't find someone to have sex with), etc.

Furthermore, if people don't have self-control, does this argument link back to "Don't wear short skirts or you might get raped"? Does the user seriously believe that people can't restrain themselves, that if they see something they want to fuck they're going to be completely overcome with desire and force themselves upon s/h/it? Though, maybe s/he believes that having sex performs as an outlet, so that someone with "normal" desires wouldn't become a ticking time bomb of uncontrollable lust. Because, you know, all "normal" people have sex, and all paedophiles don't.

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Okay, I should probably post while I have the computer.

My f-list is small, I hardly matter in all this, but at present, I do not plan on leaving LJ. I've been thinking about the pros and cons of this all day as keilahsarmy kept me updated, but I've decided that instead, I'll just downgrade to a basic account. I've also put in several new interests as a sort of "fuck you". I don't talk about my interests in lolitaism on here very often, and I hadn't been involved in any communities, so my journal was never really in any danger of being suspended. I don't think they'll really do another round of this, but if they do it's in slightly more danger now - but still not much. On the off-chance that it does get suspended, I'll probably create one with the name tianunstruck.

...who is, in fact, a woman.

Pirates of the Caribbean is on tv and I'm remembering again how utterly banal most ads are. With the exception of the one that was just on, in which a pukeko is wandering around getting hoi hoi and sheeps wool and shredded paper (it actually goes into an office building and picks it out of a rubbish bin) and builds a nest with it. "If you have more sources, you're less likely to run out. Making your future more secure." Genesis energy. :)

I'm getting distracted by poncy pirates with flouncy swaying wrist movements. I wouldn't like to have sex with that man, but if I said I would, it would be dramatic and flowery enough to express my deep entertainment at this movie.

ETA: For the record, facial cleansing wipes are great at getting off eye make-up. But by GOD, they really fucking sting.


God, that's creepy.

"I remember you. You're like me, aren't you? I want to see how that works."

I should remember to check the credits at the end - I want to see who plays Sylar, but if I google it, I might come across spoilers. I am inherently opposed to spoilers.

ETA: Apparently they only show those main characters at the start, and not paired up with the character. I'd ask Kei to ask on ask_me_anything, but you're not supposed to ask things you can just google. :) Does anyone happen to know?


I'm thinking about tracking down a copy of Jennie by Paul Gallico. The problem is I did a quick search for it on Ferrit and it didn't come up. I think I should probably save more money first anyway, before I start spending it all, so maybe when Kei goes to get the new Harry Potter book, I'll see if Borders a) has it, and b) is doing a % off other books when you buy Harry Potter. They were doing it for the sixth book, and I got one of my textbooks for Chinese civ, so it's worth a try.

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I was thinking about henna tattoos and on a whim went to TradeMe and did a search. I found one kit up for $21 that was closing in four minutes. I didn't buy it though - I rather want more than four minutes to think about that sort of thing.